This Guy Made An OkCupid Profile That Is So Epically Bad That It’s Actually Perfect

    Last month, Evan Vail’s OkCupid profile ended up on the Tumblr GTFOCupid. It’s a blog that collects really cringe-y dating profile screenshots. The only difference with Evan’s profile, though, is that it wasn’t cringe-y, it was spectacular.
    BuzzFeed tracked Evan down to learn more about both his amazing OkCupid profile and also what it’s to wake up one day and find out your dating profile has been shared with almost 200,000 strangers.
    Evan said he first noticed something was up when he started getting odd messages on OkCupid from people all over the world. Then two weeks ago, he realized it was because GTFOCupid’s post on him started going viral.
    “I’m not really surprised that it went viral,” Evan said. “The internet is an odd place and it craves weird people.”
    He says that he’s actually been able to go on a few dates since the profile started making the rounds. He’s got a good attitude about it, though he does admit he’s a little more hesitant to trust other people online.
    “I think it’s a refreshing change from the mundane drabble people choose to write on that meat market,” he said. “What I like best about my profile is that it really doesn’t say anything about me.”
    He also sent BuzzFeed a photo for proof that he is, in fact, the man behind the epic profile.
    Courtesy of Evan Vail
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